Monday, February 13, 2012

New Zealand seeks out alien species Skeleton shrimp

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research has issued a nation-wide warning for boaties to keep their hulls clean to stop the exotic species spreading north from southern New Zealand. Caprella mutica was first found in 2002 at Timaru and has now been found in Lyttelton Harbour, Port Levy, Pelorus Sound, Dunedin and Bluff.

Niwa biosecurity scientist Dr Chris Woods said it hasn't been found in Waikato yet but is "likely" to arrive in the future, probably on slow-moving vessels such as recreational yachts. It is not known what impact the skeleton shrimp will have on New Zealand's marine biodiversity, but overseas studies have shown that it can overrun native caprellids and could affect food supply to filter-feeders. "When you look at the environment up your way it's totally suited to these guys," Dr Woods said. Read more ...

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