Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Saltwater fish grown in Arkansas

Atlantic Croaker
At the University of Arkansas partnered with the University of Tennessee and Texas A&M University they have been growing saltwater fish. For the last three years on a project funded by the USDA’s Southern Regional Aquaculture Center to develop croakers as an inland, low-salinity marine bait fish species.The Atlantic croaker Micropogonias undulatus is a candidate for multiple-purpose aquaculture production as a bait-fish and food fish. Atlantic croakers are a popular live bait fish for several saltwater recreational angling species such as spotted sea trout.

The Atlantic croaker is a US native that occurs throughout the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico from New York to Mexico. Atlantic croaker have the ability to utilise a multitude of food resources including plankton, detritus, plant material, small fish, and invertebrates, and they adapt well to manufactured diets. Atlantic croakers are capable of rapid growth with a short life-span of 2-4 years. Read more ...

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