Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kenya embraces fish farming and is now reaping the rewards

In Kiambu Kenya, where fish farming is a new phenomenon and has been fully embraced by both the consumer and business people in the larger central province region. Many of the learning institutions have also got involved in aquaculture. The government through the Economic Stimulus Program (ESP) started funding fish farming in learning institutions in 160 constituencies and Kiambaa a constituency is a beneficiary.
The project was initiated under the Economic Stimulus Program (ESP)
The Kiambu district Fisheries officer, Mr. Raphael Kasiu said "they are doing fish farming in Kiambu High school', Kijabe high school and St. Peter primary school. Students are taught the nutritional value of fish and the entrepreneurial benefits they can get from fish farming. The fisheries officer also said "farmers who have tried fish farming complain of unavailability of a ready market putting into consideration the input in terms of capital that has been spent in rearing the fish to maturity. Read more ...

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