Monday, September 1, 2014

01/09/2014: Sweet potato protein breakthrough for Philippine fish farmers

In The Philippines aquaculturists are exploring a new source of protein for fish - the local sweet potato, Ipomoea batatas.

The nutritional properties of this vegetable root crop are widely recognised and are currently being exploited for inclusion in fish deists at the
Tariac Agricultural College in The Philippines.

The project is receiving government support through the Bureau of Agricultural Research and its program of commercialisation of technology. The National Technology Commercialisation Program is attempting to bring to market and provide fish farmers with affordable, high-quality formulations for fish.

Enriching the potato was achieved through a microbial fermentation process over a two week period and which resulted in a protein product 17 times more in protein content than non-fermented potatoes and having a shelf life of up to two years without adding antioxidants, say the researchers.

To date the project has produced some 17 tonnes of PESP (protein-enriched sweet potato for feeding bangus, tilapia and shrimps. PESP is being hailed in The Philippines as a 'breakthrough' product for the aquafeed industry. The Technical College, which holds the patent, is planning to build a feedmill and move to industrial production and marketing of the product.

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