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10/09/2014: Keynote speaker at Aquatic China 2014

Keynote speaker:

'Use of veterinary medicines, feed additives and probiotics in four aquaculture species farmed in China, Bangladesh, Thailand and Vietnam'
by Dr Andreu Rico - Alterra, Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands.
Keynote speaker at Aquatic China 2014 - Dr Andreu Rico of Alterra, Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands

Dr Andreu Rico works as researcher in Alterra, which belongs to Wageningen University and Research Centre in The Netherlands. He is specialized on ecotoxicology and the environmental risk assessment of chemicals and has participated in several international projects in tropical countries of America and Asia.

As part of his PhD he studied the use and the environmental risks posed by aquaculture chemicals in Asia, with focus on China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Thailand. For this, he and co-workers performed chemical use interviews in aquaculture farms, developed models for specific aquaculture production scenarios, and monitored the environmental pollution and effects caused by aquaculture medicines. Andreu Rico is (co-) author of 10 scientific papers and several reports for the EU and is an active member of SETAC (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry).

安德鲁博士波多黎各工作原理研究员阿尔特拉,属于瓦赫宁根大学和研究中心(荷兰)。他是专业的生态毒理学和化学品环 境风险评估,并参加了在美国和亚洲的热带国家的几个国际项目。
作为他的博士学位的一部分,他研究的使用和对中国,越南,孟加拉和泰国水产养殖的化学品在亚洲所带来的环境风险,重 点。对于这一点,他和他的同事进行的水产养殖场使用的化学访谈,开发模式为特定水产养殖生产方案,并监测造成的水产 养殖药品对环境的污染和影响。安德鲁是波多黎各的10篇科学论文,并为欧盟的几份报告(合)作者是SETAC(环境毒理学 和化学学会)的积极成员。

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