Thursday, September 11, 2014

Clextral - International Aquafeed 1404

Simply described, the twin-screw extruder is a machine consisting of two co-penetrating and self-cleaning identical screws which are mounted on shafts and rotate in the same direction in a fixed closed housing called “barrel” . The twin-screw extruders operate continuously with very short residence times.

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Some processes require preliminary treatment of raw materials before going through the twin-screw extruder. The preconditioner is used mainly for food products : flakes or pellets for cereals and snacks. It is also used for ingredients used in pet food and fish feed. The preconditioner heats, hydrates and mixes the dry raw materials before extrusion and automatically doses the pre-treated product into the extruder. It optimizes the capacities and the performance of the extruder and enhances final product features.
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