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15/09/2014: Ocean policy and marine planning on the move

Ocean policy and marine planning are moving forward rapidly on a range of issues, with long-term implications for ocean industries, topics that will be discussed at the World Ocean Council's Business Forum later this month in New York.

Topics will include:

New “Law of the Sea” regulations are being negotiated by governments
The UN is now negotiating a new global ocean authority (“Implementing Agreement”) on marine protected areas, environmental impact assessment, area-based management tools, marine genetic resources, and more. 

What will the revised Law of the Sea mean for shipping, oil/gas, fisheries, seabed mining, marine biotechnology, submarine cables and other users?

Special ocean areas are being identified by governments

Over 190 governments are approving the identification of special ocean areas via the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), with little input from industry.
How will the management of these special ocean areas impact shipping, fishing, seabed mining, and other users?

Governments adopted international EIA guidelines for coastal/marine activities
Over 190 governments have also approved Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) guidelines for commercial activities in marine areas through the CBD.
How will the ocean EIA guidelines affect coastal/marine industry activity?

Rules to regulate marine sound are being developed in several fora
The CBD, International Maritime Organization (IMO), EU and others are all working on the cross-sectoral marine sound issue.

How can industry continue to ensure there is solid science behind the sound regulations that will affect oil/gas, shipping, construction, and other sectors?

A patchwork of regulations on marine invasive species is emerging
National and sub-national regulations on marine invasive species have been developed in different locations, such as Australia, New Zealand, California.

How can industry ensure a more coordinated approach to regulations that will affect shipping, dredging, oil/gas, fisheries and others who move vessels around the globe?

Global Ocean Commission (GOC) findings will be presented to the UN
This high level panel’s recommendations include:

  • Creating a “Global Ocean Accountability Board” to monitoring progress toward a healthy ocean
  • Creating a High Seas Regeneration Zone
  • Establishing binding offshore oil/gas international safety standards and liability
  • Ending harmful subsidies to high seas fisheries
  • Closing seas, ports and markets to illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing
How should the Ocean Business Community collaborate to provide coordinated, constructive engagement on these far reaching recommendations?

An ocean “Sustainable Development Goal” is being negotiated by governments
The UN is negotiating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including one for the ocean, to guide international development and environment aims over the next 15 years.
How can the Ocean Business Community best engage and provide coordinated input to this long-term global goal for ocean use and protection?

Marine planning is advancing rapidly in many places
Marine spatial planning (MSP), ocean zoning and other forms of marine area-based management are being developed in more and more countries and regions, and are being proposed for international waters.
How to best ensure that ocean industries are well informed on marine planning as it moves forward and, if appropriate, develop coordinated, multi-sectoral engagement?

We invite you to participate in the WOC Business Forum to tackle these important questions with your ocean industry colleagues.

Representatives from oil and gas, shipping, seafood, fisheries, mining, aquaculture, renewable energy, ocean data, science and technology, maritime law, and other sectors will meet in New York.

Collaborate with other leadership companies to determine:
  • Which ocean policy and planning developments are most critical to industry?
  • Are ocean industries sufficiently informed of these processes?
  • How can and should the Ocean Business Community engage?
  • What are the dangers and lost opportunities of not engaging?
  • How can the Ocean Business Community ensure that governments, the UN and other intergovernmental processes recognize and engage industry as a key stakeholder in ocean policy and marine planning?
iii The panel “Collaboration in Science-Based Ocean Policy and Marine Planning” will take place on Monday, 29 September 2014, 8:30am – 9:30am at the WOC Business Forum on Ocean Policy and Planning (New York, 28-30 Sept, 2014).

Confirmed high level speakers:
  • Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, EU Commissioner, Research, Innovation and Science
  • Matthew King, Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), Canada
  • Holly Bamford, Assistant Administrator, National Ocean Service, US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
These eminent speakers will address:

  • What is the role of government in developing science-based ocean policy and marine planning in support of responsible industry operations?

  • How can government, science and business best collaborate to advance the Blue Economy and innovation for solutions, especially at an ocean basin scale?

  • How is trans-Atlantic cooperation in science-based ocean policy and marine planning being accelerated and coordinated in response to the EU, Canada and US Galway Statement commitment?

The WOC Business Forum on Ocean Policy and Planning is an unprecedented opportunity for ocean industries to engage high level officials from Europe, Canada and the US on ocean science, observations, innovation and business community collaboration.

Reserve your room for the WOC Business Forum
The venue for the WOC Business Forum is the Roosevelt Hotel (45 East 45th Street at Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10017).
Read more HERE.

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