Wednesday, September 3, 2014

03/09/2014: Popularity of commercial feeds over traditional feeds supports soybean meal in India

India has been relying majorly on traditional feeds in the past. However, as farming operations have intensified, the limitations of farm-mixed feeds have become more apparent. 

Thus, fish cultivators are increasingly using commercial aquafeeds to feed their fishes. 

According to a new report by RNCOS, “India Commercial Aquafeed Market Outlook 2018”, the benefits of commercial aquafeeds over traditional feed is leading to more number of fish cultivators to adopt commercial feeding practices.

According to our report, with the growing demand for commercial aquafeed, the demand for ingredients like soybean meal etc is also increasing as this ingredient is mostly used for feeding carps, which occupy a considerable share in aquaculture production. In addition, it has been observed that the commercial feed for shellfishes includes a larger proportion of fishmeal. Thus, with the growth in the aquaculture production of shellfish, the demand for fishmeal is also bound to increase in the future.

The report “India Commercial Aquafeed Market Outlook 2018” provides an indepth and rational analysis of the commercial aquafeed market in India. It covers market forecast till 2018 for the production of major aquacultured finfishes like carps, tilapia and catfishes, along with aquacultured shellfish. Since the aquaculture production is expected to increase in the future, the production and consumption of commercial aquafeed is also bound to increase. Thus, the report also covers commercial aquafeed market forecast till 2018, which has been further fragmented into commercial finfish, feed and commercial shrimp feed market.

The forecast for production and consumption of commercial finfish (i.e. carps, tilapia & catfish) feed have been drawn till 2018. A section about the major ingredients used in commercial finfish feed and their inclusion rate to generate a brief understanding of the kind of ingredients that will be in demand has also been provided in the report. Further, an overview of the drivers and the government initiatives, which have the capacity to put the industry on a growth trajectory, has also been given. We have also identified the challenges faced by the industry along with a brief overview of the FCR of various finfishes. The report also covers business overview of various well known industry players.

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RNCOS is a leading industry research and consultancy firm incorporated in 2002. As a pioneer in syndicate market research, its vision is to be a global leader in the industry research space by providing research reports and actionable insights to companies across a range of industries such as Healthcare, IT and Telecom and Retail, etc. 

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