Thursday, September 11, 2014

11/09/2014: Aquatic China 2014 hosted jointly by VIV

"VIV is the global brand of trade shows, conferences and events based on the 'Feed to Meat' supply chain. The multi-species event includes the sectors of Poultry, Pig, Cattle and Calves - and Aquaculture. VIV is set up according to the Feed to Meat concept which involves all sectors in the animal protein production chain. As a result VIV events are platforms where all participants in meat production can work together to provide the guarantees consumers are demanding," says Vincent Veelbehr of VIV.
Vincent Veelbehr (second from right) with his colleague Ruwan Berculo (fourth from right) with the International Aquafeed team in Cheltenham, UK

"The Aquaculture sector is of great importance for VIV. Over past editions of VIV Asia, Aquatic Asia has become well established within the exhibition program. As China is the largest farmed fish producer in the world, Beijing is the ideal place to host Aquatic China 2014 for the first time. Welcome to Aquatic China 2014!"

VIV是贸易展览,会议和活动根据“饲料肉”供应链的全球性品牌。多物种的事件,包括家禽, 猪,牛和犊牛和水产养殖业。 VIV设置根据饲料肉的概念,它涉及到动物蛋白生产链的所有部门。
因此VIV事件的平台,其中肉类生产的所有参与者能共同合作,提供消费者要求的保证。水产养殖业是为VIV非常重要的。在VIV亚洲的最后一个版本,水产亚洲以及参展计划中建立的。由 于中国是最大的养殖鱼类产量的世界,是北京举办中国水产2014年第一次的地方。欢迎来到中国水 产2014年!

The Aquatic China ‘Media Corner'
Visit the Aquatic China 2014 'Media Corner' at the VIV China Exhibition from September 23-25, 2014. If you'd like to follow-up with questions and comments on aquaculture please visit our 'Media Corner' at the show. You may also want to visit companies exhibiting to explore some of the latest equipment and nutritional developments related to fish farming. VIV China 2014 exhibition is being held in the New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC), Hall West 1 and 2, 88 Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu, Shunyi District, Beijing 101318

Full program and registration HERE.

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