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10/09/2014: Brief Introduction to Aquatic China 2014 by Dr Kangsen Mai

A word from the organiser:

It is generally accepted that the only way to meet the increasing demand for fish and shrimp is through aquaculture. China has more than 3000 years of history in aquaculture. It is not only is a pioneer in aquaculture, but has also become the biggest aquaculture country, with an annual production accounting for more than 70% of global output. However, after recent 30 years of rapid development, China's aquaculture faces a series of challenges.
Dr Kangsen Mai, an organiser of Aquatic China 2014

Lack of resources, the environmental deterioration and the safety of aquatic products are considered to be the most critical factors that impede the sustainability of China aquaculture.

Most challenges to the sustainable development of globe aquaculture are usually first faced by China.

China has still not been powerful in aquaculture, and should develop sustainable aquaculture as its own mission, learning from aquaculture powers, and from developed countries. Meanwhile, the rest of the world can also learn the methodologies and experiences from China to overcome these challenges. These challenges faced by China can also play a role in early warnings to other aquaculture countries.

Therefore, the "2014 Aquatic China" summit" (Beijing), pre-held in advance of the "2014 China International VIV", is an excellent communication platform for global peer experts to explore. issues of aquaculture sustainability. Welcome to
"2014 Aquatic China"

人们逐步认识到:要满足对人们水产品日益增长的需求,除了养殖,别无他途!中国是水产养殖的先驱,具有3000多年的历史,已经成为世界上最重要的水产养殖国家,产量占全球总产量的70%以上。然而,经 过近30年的快速发展,中国的水产养殖面临一系列亟需解决的问题。资源不足、环境恶化和水产品安全问

中国仍然不是水产养殖强国,应该把发展可持续的水产养殖为己任,向水产养殖强国学习,向发达国家学 习。同时,中国解决上述亟需解决的问题的成功经验,也值得其他国家借鉴。中国面对的问题对其他水产 养殖国家还可以起到早期预警的作用。

因此,在“2014中国国际集约化畜牧展览会”前召开的“2014中国水产养殖峰会”(北京)是一个全球同 行专家探讨水产养殖可持续发展问题的绝佳交流平台。欢迎大家与会,珍惜这个交流学习的好机会。

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