Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Zealand a court hearing will set back aquaculture by years

A high court decision could hold up plans for expansion for marine farming in Tasman and Golden Bays by several years and may well require a new round of consultations and potential litigation. for 13 long years the parties that are opposed to expansion and the marine farm owners have been fighting it out. Now in a lengthy new interim decision giving the parties a month to respond, Justice Denis Clifford has suggested that the ministry's chief executive is the appropriate person to make the rulings. 

"That means that the ministry now has to go back and re-do the entire decision," counsel for the opponents of the expansion, Tony Stallard, said yesterday."My view is that we've been set back probably another two or three years, and where the matter is going to end up as the result of these new decisions, I do not know." Read more ...

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