Tuesday, December 21, 2010

'Carbon footprint', a tool for the sustainability of aquaculture

Fisheries authorities, scientists and the aquaculture sector have agreed that measuring "carbon footprint" is a useful tool for the traceability of aquaculture products, which would allow the industry to transmit their commitment to the environment to the consumer.

So said Alejandro Polanco, director general of Fisheries Resources at the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs (MARM) at the opening of a conference on "carbon footprint in aquaculture", organized by the Spanish Observatory Foundation of Aquaculture (OESA). Polanco said that traceability will determine the quality of aquaculture products, one of the essential factors to increase their added value.

The second factor required to enhance the added value is "creating new avenues of research for breeding fish," he said. The Director of Fisheries stressed the importance of unifying the criteria through dialogue and consensus, to measure the "carbon footprint" in aquaculture. This measurement is the tool that will analyze carbon dioxide emissions, which according to popular opinion, can lead to the greenhouse effect. Polanco said that the industry can use tools such as product labeling to highlight its commitment to environmental issues. Read more...

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