Wednesday, December 8, 2010

“tra fish ruling by WWF unjust punishment”?

The World Wide Fund (WWF) has transferred tra catfish to the red from the yellow list in its latest guides. This is evidently an intentionally biased and groundless suggestion that will negatively affect Vietnam’s tra fish export. Consumers are encouraged to look for an alternative to the red-listed species. The WWF says consumers can buy products from the yellow list but suggests they choose only secondary green-listed species. Explaining the decision, WWF coordinator Powell told Intrafish that the downgrading stemmed from "problems with governance".

According to the Deputy Minister, the WWF has close ties with Vietnam and it is cooperating with Vietnam in many fields, including aquaculture. However, this is a hasty and groundless decision.

“I can affirm that the process of farming, processing and exporting tra fish products gets the approval of GlobalGAP - the world measure of standards for agricultural produce, including aqua culture. Vietnam’s tra fish products have been exported to many countries in the world. If Vietnam’s tra fish products did not meet the requirements, they would never be able to be accepted and favoured by picky markets, such as Japan, the US or the EU,” he continued. Read more...

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