Monday, December 6, 2010

Philippines urges student to take up fisheries and agriculture courses

Philippines Labour and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimaplinda-Baldoz, has began to advise would be students, students and graduates to take up fisheries and agriculture courses or skills training and upgrading in these fields, because from 2011 the job opportunities in these sectors would be in-demand.

“in-demand” sub-skills under these occupations, such as poultry raiser, livestock raiser/farmer, entrepreneur (animal production), independent farmer (owner/operator in a smaller operation), leading hand, agronomist, aquaculturist, aquaculture farm caretaker, aquaculture farm aide, aquaculture facilities repair and maintenance worker, fish nursery worker, shrimp and fish grow out worker, prawn farm cultivator, horticultural farm aide, horticultural farm caretaker, coffee and cacao farmer. Read more...

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