Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trout becomes most produced aquaculture species

The Peruvian aquaculture industry got mixed results in 2010: while production expanded considerably, both domestic consumption and exports of these products had fallen over the previous year. However, it is estimated that by the end of 2010, domestic consumption of aquaculture products decreased by 25 percent compared to last year, when it had shown an increase of 17.48 percent.

It is also estimated that aquaculture exports declined overall by 18 percent at the end of the year, except for trout, which maintained an upward trend. Trout shipments grew by almost 33 percent last year compared to 2008, which generated US$ 4.2 billion in revenues and is projected that by the end of 2010 it will register a slight growth of 3.8 percent.

As for the rest of the species exported, Hurtado said, for example, that scallops saw the best results in 2009, an increase of 114 percent in export volume and with a value of US$ 46.7 million, although a small decline is expected for the end of 2010. Read more...

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