Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Using Oreochromis andersonii (Threespot Tilapia) in Zambia

The current advice offered by the Zambian Government's Fisheries Department on farming tilapia is very diverse and ranges from the polyculture of three different species to monoculture. This article, by Emmanuéle Cayron-Thomas of Kalimba Farms, compares the performance of two tilapia species, Oreochromis andersonii (Kafue bream) and O. niloticus (Nile tilapia imported) under farm conditions in Zambia.

Generally in Zambia, small-scale farmers use the polyculture system of mixing Oreochromis andersonii, O. macrochir and Tilapia rendalli. This is due to the different feeding habits of the fish and the availability of nutrients at village level. The larger farms practice the monoculture system using either O. andersonii or O. niloticus, and integration and use of waste from pigs or ducks is used to build up the biomass of the ponds. Read more ...

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