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Microtoxin risk management

          IAF Global Aquaculture Industry profile from Biomin

BIOMIN, a leading company focusing on Health in Animal Nutrition, develops and produces feed additives, premixes and services to improve animal health and performance, in an economically viable way.  Leveraging on the latest technologies and extensive R&D programs, BIOMIN offers sustainable quality products which include solutions for mycotoxin risk management, a groundbreaking natural growth promoting concept as well as other specific solutions which address dietary requirements for aquaculture.

Mycofix® the solution for mycotoxin risk management
The Mycofix® product line represents specially developed feed additives that protect animals by deactivation of mycotoxins. Its modular system consists of three strategies: Adsorption, Biotransformation and Bioprotection.

Biomin® P.E.P., phytogenics for digestion & feed conversion
Biomin® P.E.P. is a synergistic formula, made with a unique blend of essential oils and prebiotics to maintain a healthy gut microflora. It supports digestion and improves feed conversion. The Biomin® P.E.P. line has a specific formulation for fish and shrimps that improves performing production.

Biotronic®, the acid spice for fish feed
Biotronic® is a line of products that include a powerful combination of organic acid and salts on a Sequential Release Medium (SRM). Biotronic® assures a complete and balanced acidification, thereby improving feed conversion and reducing mortality.

AquaStar®, high performance probiotic strains to enhance gut and pond environment
Multiple bacteria strains, well adapted to the aquatic environment, were carefully selected due to their superior probiotic and biodegrading features.
AquaStar® stabilizes water quality and supports gut health of fish and shrimp, thereby improving performance and efficiency in production.

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