Monday, January 30, 2012

Aquaculture is seen as key to the South Jersey seafood industry

Aquaculture development in South Jersey is seen to be the key to expansion and sustainability of New Jersey's US$147 million (€111.962 million), wholesale seafood industry, suggest a report by the state Department of Agriculture. According to Associate Director of the Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory, and co-author of the report, John Kraeuter, true aquaculture production uses various types of laboratory grown seed oysters that have been hybridised to be largely sterile.

This allows for a year-round harvest that isn’t interrupted by the breeding season of wild shellfish stocks. “There is certainly potential, but it is so involved with regulatory issues and various aspects of state government that it is hard to say,” Kraeuter noted. “We currently have a fledgling rack-and-bag industry along the Cape Shore Flats, and the state has requested that people be allowed to bid on additional leases.” Read more ...

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