Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Versatile, fast, homogenous and energy-efficient mixing of aquafeed

The Pegasus® mixer from Dinnissen can produce a wide range of aquafeed quickly, homogenously and energy efficiently and supply them entirely according to the wishes of the individual customer. A mixer which offers convenience, flexibility and versatility. An unique twin-shaft mixing mechanism, which uses the flow of air to swirl around powders, pellets and granules in order to mix them quickly (in 25-30 seconds) and extremely homogenously with low energy use.

Thanks to the special dosing unit, exactly the right amount of fluid is sprayed into the mixer during this mixing process so as to create the right ingredients for the aquafeed, required by the individual customer. Precisely at the moment that powders, pellets or granules are thrown up by the airflow, up to 18 functional fluids such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats and oils in large quantities if required are sprayed onto the ingredient particles and mixed. Each product particle is completely coated. 

Thanks to the versatility and completely optional automatic operation of the Pegasus®, this allows a wide range of recipes to be automatically processed. With the modernized Pegasus® Vacuum Coater, each pellet can be sprayed with exactly the right quantity of powder or fluid, which is then absorbed deep into the pellet. This phase in the production process is designed to homogeneously add even higher percentages or extremely small quantities. 

The Pegasus® Vacuum Coater offers that possibility by quickly and flexibly applying multiple layers in pelleted and extruded products in a vacuum environment. The Pegasus® Vacuum C-oater enables a robust protective coating to be applied around each pellet to prevent breaking, crumbling and loss of valuable ingredients.This also means users save on the costs of cleaning transport systems. Each pellet retains its original shape and can be finished with an attractive colour or shiny coating.

This blog is written by Martin Little, The Aquaculturists, published and supported by the International Aquafeed Magazine from Perendale Publishers. To get your copy of  'PPLAPP' click here.
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