Monday, January 30, 2012

Escaped salmon fewer than expected after Hurricane Dagmar

At the Marine Harvest plant in "Juvik" in Nordfjord Norway fewer than 2000 salmon escaped, after the hurricane over the Christmas period cause two tears in the net. The damage to the nets were discovered during an extraordinary and thorough inspection in the wake of Hurricane Dagmar. The farm had around 139,000 fish with an average weight of 4 kg. It was previously unknown how many of the fish escaped but now it is thought that only around 2,000 escaped of which 547 have been recaptured.

In 2011 Marine Harvest registered three major escape events before this event in the Nordfjord. This marks a clear break with previous years' results. Marine Harvest will make a new evaluation of the events of 2011 to ensure that the company can reach its goal of zero escapes. Read more ...

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