Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Empyreal® 75 is the first and only protein concentrate made from corn

Empyreal® 75 is the first and only protein concentrate made from corn. This high energy, naturally pure protein source, provides the nutrition fish need in a highly digestible ingredient. With superior functionality,

Empyreal 75 provides even, consistent expansion in extruded feeds and extraordinary binding capacity in pelleted diet applications. The new generation, high-energy corn protein concentrate (CPC) provides manufacturers with a consistent, functional, renewable, and cost effective source of naturally pure protein. Empyreal®75 promotes superior texture, binding and physical characteristics when used as an ingredient in your products.

Empyreal®75 is manufactured in the US under strict quality control standards and provides superior supply assurance beyond any specialised protein ingredient available to the industry.

To learn more, visit e75aqua.com and be prepared for a whole new perspective on protein. Changing the way fish, and the industry, view protein.

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