Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fishmeal production and consumption

Many in the aquaculture industry are dependent on fishmeal, according to the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration.

Production of fishmeal, the process and value chain

Fishmeal is a brown powder obtained after cooking, press drying and squeezing fresh raw fish or trimmings from food fish. The International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Oraganisation (IFFO) has estimated that in 2009 pelagic fish was used in 75 percent of all fishmeal production, while the remaining 25 percent came from trimmings.

Pelagic species are ocean fish that swim in schools and live in the upper sea levels. Their source of food is mainly plankton and most pelagic species are considerably fattier than other fish species. Historically, landings of fish have been around 90 million tons p.a. and about 1/3 of this has been converted into fishmeal and fish oil4, while the remaining 60 million tons are marketed as fresh, frozen and canned fish. Read more ...

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