Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Aquaculture grows healthy food in healthy oceans

In his January 30 column "Keep salmon farms out of the ocean," Silver Donald Cameron does a disservice to the people of Nova Scotia who are working to grow the economy and social fabric of their communities.

He also does a disservice to the proud men and women who already work in the region’s salmon-farming sector. They are proud because they know they are working in a responsible, innovative and home-grown business that is keeping families together by providing well-educated young people with highly skilled jobs and a reason to stay home to raise their families.

Mr. Cameron is correct when he says there is controversy over salmon farming. Most of it is due to misinformation that is spread by articles such as the one written by Mr. Cameron. We invite him to tour a farm to get a first-hand experience of how salmon are farmed in Nova Scotia. There are issues, but let’s consider them in light of the facts, not fiction. Read more...

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