Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Research: Extrusion of plant meals for fish food

A study was undertaken by Norwegian scientists to evaluate fish feed with inclusion of different plant (legumes, oilseed, or cereals) meals. The trial consisted of 11 fish meal based diets formulated to the same macro-nutrients, with varying levels of either starch or protein source, and were processed in five twin-screw extruders.

The purified starch was added to achieve the nutritional specifications of the diets and was significantly correlated to expansion, durability and hardness, the total starch in these diets did not have such correlation.

Cellulose was added as a filler to achieve the same level of NSP in the diet, but was negatively correlated to the expansion. The specific mechanical energy of the extrusion process was weakly correlated to starch gelatinisation. Read more ...

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