Thursday, February 24, 2011

How fisheries can gain from the lessons of sustainable food

As agriculture and energy production have made strides toward becoming more sustainable, the world’s fisheries have lagged behind. But restoring our beleaguered oceans to health will require an emphasis on diversification and conservation and a more sensible mix of fishing practices.

In The Dark, Blue Sea, Lord Byron famously stated, “Man marks the earth with ruin, his control stops with the shore.” That in 1812 the land side of the shore was already being compromised was not in doubt. But two subsequent centuries of misuse have demonstrated just how mistaken he was about the inviolability of the oceans. Man’s control beyond the shore today is not complete, but it is profound.

The sea’s noteworthy denizens its finfish and shellfish, always major food sources have felt this control through over-harvesting and habitat destruction, so that today many species are in sharp decline or at perilous levels. Read more ...

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