Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Using Soy In Aquaculture Feeds

A market for over six million metric tons of soybean meal has been successfully created over the past 15 years through the development, field testing, and demonstration of all-plant protein, soymeal-based feeds to fish farmers in China, says Dr Michael Cremer, from the American Soybean Association.

Opening this market to alternative feeds has helped boost China’s freshwater aquaculture production from less than five million metric tons to more than 20 million metric tons (5.5 to 22.0 million US tons) by alleviating the necessity for traditional animal protein sources, such as fish meal, in most freshwater fish diets. In the process, it has helped the Chinese aquaculture industry advance from traditional manure-fertilized to modern, feed-based production of the majority of carp, tilapia, catfish and other freshwater fish species farmed in China.

This new approach to feed has provided domestic and international consumers with ready access to higher quality farmed seafood from China at reasonable prices, while providing a growing market for US grown soybean products. Read more ...

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