Tuesday, April 7, 2015

07/04/2015: Man with fish grabbed by huge sea lion

A man in possession of a fish he caught on a boat in a bay in San Diego, US, was lugged overboard by a sea lion, the Mail Online reports.

San Diego lifeguards told the Los Angeles Times that the 62-year-old man was posing for a photograph Sunday when the sea lion, apparently trying to get the fish, bit on the man's arm.

The lifeguards told the newspaper the sea lion then yanked the man into the water.

The Los Angeles Times reported the man was at the bottom of 20 feet of water in Mission Bay until he was let go and went up to the surface.

According to Fox 5 San Diego, the sea lion involved in the incident weighed 300 pounds.

Lifeguard Lt John Sandmeyer told the television station, “Apparently they were going to take a picture perhaps, and he was holding the fish up, so it's - there's no doubt that the sea lion eyed that fish from the water and was able to launch itself up to the gunnel and grab the fish.”

“It was estimated that [the man] was in the water for 15 or 20 seconds,” Sandmeyer told Fox 5 San Diego.

“At that point, the sea lion let go and he was able to jump back into his boat.”

San Diego Fire-Rescue spokesman Captain Joe Amador told U-T San Diego that the animal lunged over a boat railing, before it attached itself to both the man's hand and the fish at approximately 4pm.

Read more, and watch the video HERE.

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