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30/04/2015: Marist College earns MSC Chain of Custody certification for wild-caught, sustainable seafood

Marist College, located in Poughkeepsie, New York, in conjunction with dining services partner, Sodexo, has achieved Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Chain of Custody certification, the world’s most recognized certification program for wild-caught, sustainable seafood.

MSC Chain of Custody certification ensures that seafood products that bear the blue MSC ecolabel can be traced back to a fishery that has been certified as sustainable and well-managed against the global, science-based MSC standard.
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Marist Dining Services by Sodexo offers more than 3200 students, faculty and staff MSC certified sustainable seafood in the Student Center Dining Hall, which serves over 3600 meals on a daily basis. A variety of seafood comprises up to 15 percent of dining hall menu items and includes MSC certified cod, halibut, pollock and salmon.

MSC Chain of Custody certification assures that in every step of the chain – from the fishers, to the processor, to the distributor and the end user – MSC certified seafood is not mixed with or substituted for non-certified seafood. To achieve MSC Chain of Custody certification, Marist College Dining Services by Sodexo worked with MSC Chain of Custody certified seafood supplier, Sysco Albany, to ensure complete traceability through the supply chain.
Sustainability is fundamental aspect of commitment to environmental stewardship

“Sustainability is a fundamental aspect of our overall commitment to environmental stewardship at Marist College and we are proud of the achievement of attaining MSC Chain of Custody certification,” said Steve Sansola, Marist College’s Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Co-Chair of the Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee.
“By offering MSC certified sustainable seafood, students, faculty and staff are provided with high quality sustainable seafood products and our procurement contributes to the health of the world’s oceans by choosing seafood from fisheries that have been certified as sustainable and well-managed.”

Marist Dining Services’ additional sustainability initiatives include extensive purchasing of local and regional food products, cooking oil reclamation for bio-diesel or repurposing, promoting zero-waste catering events with compostable products and water-bottle filling stations.

A recent renovation of the dining hall resulted in the installation of a vegetative roof, reduced energy and water use through high-efficiency ovens, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashing system, and a new hyper-accelerated food decomposition system which processes organic kitchen and dining hall food waste into organic rich water.

Demonstrated leadership helps to ensure sustainable seafood for future

“We congratulate Marist College Dining Services by Sodexo on attaining MSC Chain of Custody certification and the leadership demonstrated by their sustainable seafood commitment,” said Geoff Bolan, MSC’s U.S. program director.

“By looking for the blue MSC ecolabel and choosing MSC certified sustainable seafood, students and faculty are able to make a difference and help to ensure sustainable seafood for this and future generations.”

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