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13/04/2015: Aqua Nor 2015
Kari Steinsbø
Project Manager Kari Steinsbø at Aqua Nor comments on the interest in Aqua Nor 2015 and other questions from exhibitors and visitors.
How is interest in the exhibition now, nine months before it opens (on 18 August 2015)?

There is great interest from exhibitors – we have many bookings already. Many are registering early to make sure they get the space and location they want. In addition to the many Norwegian exhibitors, exhibitors from a number of foreign countries like Chile, China, the USA and Dubai have also registered.

Is there any news regarding the exhibition halls at Aqua Nor 2015?

Because of the great interest, we have added one extra hall: Hall A1, which is a large plastic hall adjoint to Hall A. In addition, we are putting in a large new staircase that will connect Hall A and Gallery B. We believe this will lead to a better flow of visitors in the exhibition area. We are also working on some exciting projects for Halls G and E, and we are looking forward to realising the news about what’s being planned for these halls!

What criteria are you using when assigning stands every year?

Many exhibitors want to be at the location where they have been in previous years so that visitors can find them where they are used to finding them. But early registration by option is also carrying some weight. This demands a lot of work on our part every year. It is important to us that individual preferences are met to the extent possible, and that we can come up with good alternatives in cases where we cannot give all exhibitors exactly what they want.

Are the halls given a thematic or product group sorting at Aqua Nor?

In general, we have tried to give the exhibitors what they want, and distributed them over the whole exhibition area. This ensures a steady flow of visitors through all the halls and thus gives all exhibitors the same opportunity to present themselves. Exhibitors seem to be more concerned with where they are located rather than where their competitors are. This is a discussion we often have. With the new great hall that is being planned here at Trondheim Spektrum there will be a much greater chance of offering thematic locations, if that is what the exhibitors want. As we see it, the exhibitors should be allowed to have their say in this discussion.

Many exhibitors want larger stands than they had at the previous Aqua Nor. How will you solve that?

In several halls, the exhibitors want a larger area than they had at earlier exhibitions. We have chosen to introduce certain limits to this so that a larger number of exhibitors also get their wishes fulfilled to the greatest extent possible. This is about fairness and the exhibitors’ right to get the best possible location and attention during the exhibition. We try our best to satisfy all.

When can exhibitors book their hotel rooms?

Hotel booking has just opened. The booking is done over the Internet. Exhibitors get a view of available rooms, prices for the various alternatives and availability for the specific days. If there are any questions, please contact Via Egencia by telephone: +47 7380 7720, or by e-mail:

When can exhibitors start booking their equipment for their stands?

All exhibitors are given a user name and a password by the middle of March. That gives them a few months to book all the equipment they want. There is more information about this on our website.

How do you book a meeting room?

Meeting rooms can be reserved by contacting Brit Sandstad at Trondheim Spektrum by e-mail or by telephone +47 7356 8600. Many have already made their reservations, so it is smart to book early.
Can the Nor-Fishing Foundation help create interest in various events held by exhibitors?
Yes, we are very keen to help create interest in conferences, seminars, presentations and product demonstrations etc. We encourage potential organizers of such events to contact us early so that we can include the event in the programme as early as possible – the sooner the better. Contact person is Erik Hempel, e-mail or telephone +47 9084 1124.

When will the exhibitors receive the Aqua Nor calendar for 2015?

Exhibitors can order calendars via our website. As a result of our environmental strategy, we have chosen to let those exhibitors who want calendars order them themselves. This will avoid unnecessary use of paper and emissions during transport.

We are looking forward to August!

Contact Kari at

For more information and to register, visit the website HERE.

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