Monday, April 30, 2012

Nova Scotia fish virus unlikely spread

A Nova Scotia seafood firm ordered to kill hundreds of thousands of salmon due to a viral outbreak says it doesn’t expect the disease to spread to other sites.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency told Cooke Aquaculture to destroy salmon in their ocean pens outside Shelburne Harbour after an occurrence of infectious salmon anemia.
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Canadian Food Inspection Agency (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Nell Halse, a spokeswoman for Cooke Aquaculture, said the company doesn’t believe the virus will spread beyond the one site where it’s been detected and the firm intends to proceed with applications for two new sites in nearby Jordan Bay.

But environmental group, Ecology Action Centre, said that historically the spread of the virus is likely. Susanna Fuller, a spokeswoman for the group said: "Everywhere it’s happened, whether New Brunswick or Chile, it has spread site-to-site.”  Read more...

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  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for commenting. Unfortunately, Canada seems to be having quite a bit of trouble with viruses this year.