Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More cages lost as bad luck hits Shetland salmon farm

A Shetland salmon farm has been hit by bad luck after losing old salmon cages that were due to be broken up for scrape. Its the second time in three months that cages have gone missing, the white fish trawler Fairway was towing eight salmon cages overnight from the Lakeland Unst site in Bluemull Sound, off the island of Unst, where they were being decommissioned.
Salmon cages breaking loose
The skipper said that they had waited days for good weather to carry out the tow. Though there had been a brisk north easterly with snow showers, he did not think the sea conditions had caused the incident. “We were waiting all week to get good weather and we thought it was going to be alright. It was fine, there was nothing wrong with the weather when it happened,” he said. Read more ...

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