Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Marine Harvest try bribery to get people onside

Norwegian company Marine Harvest has been accused of offering 'Bribes' to the Islanders of Colonsay in a bid to get them to agree a controversial plan over 12 fish farm cages which would be the Islands first fish farm. Marine Harvest has promised the 120 residence of Colonsay to the North of Islay, UK£50,000 (US$79,442.504) upfront and UK£10,000 (US$15,888.501) a year thereafter if they vote yes for 12 salmon cages to be moored 1500 metres off their east coast.
Colonsay Island
This has split the Islanders on the issue, where some are concerned about the environmental risks and issues and other are anxious about new jobs. The Islanders will be voting on this matter later this year and Marine Harvest has agreed to abide by the outcome of the vote. Read more ...

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