Monday, April 23, 2012

Kampachi Farms CEO to chair Offshore Mariculture Conference 2012

Co-founder and co-CEO of Kampachi Farms, Neil Sims, will chair the 2012 Offshore Mariculture Conference.

Mr Sims will bring with him a wealth of experience as he has led teams that have accomplished a number of breakthrough developments in pearl oyster culture, offshore aquaculture legislation and regulation, marine fish hatchery technology, open ocean mariculture systems,and most recently, untethered open ocean ‘drifter pens’: the Velella project.

He also co-founded Kona Blue Water Farms in 2001, applying cutting-edge hatchery technologies to ‘difficult-to-rear’ marine fish larvae: snappers, groupers, and yellowtail/jacks.

The 4th Offshore Mariculture Conference will be held in Izmir, Turkey from October 17-19, 2012 and will attract industry professionals to network, discuss topical issues and exchange information on the business of offshore fish farming. Following two days of technical presentations and discussion, delegates will also have the opportunity to visit an offshore fish farm.

The programme is expected to include:
·  Environmental impacts
·  Innovative technologies
·  Management and husbandry
·  Overview of the latest developments in aquaculture

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